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I have been very busy during the first quarter of this year expanding our global footprint and extending our data offerings with Simfund Global Pro.  I made a very quick trip to London last Sunday to present at an SIIA industry event that focused on innovation. I spotlighted our London team’s development process for Simfund Global Pro. Regardless of my business travel schedule, I could not let the Masters weekend pass without a column.


Business Intelligence Meets Cross-Border Funds

The trading of funds across borders has blossomed in recent years. Asset International is looking to revamp the sales and marketing of cross-border funds with a dose of business intelligence.


An Ocean of Cash

An ocean of cash: Inflows into US stocks in 2013 equal the past four years combined. But does this mean that US investors feel optimistic? In this video, Financial Times’ John Authers speaks with Avi Nachmany, Strategic Insight co-founder and Director of Research, about mutual fund flow trends and investor sentiment in the US.



November in the Wine Country

The harvest and crush have come to an end in both Sonoma and Napa counties. Mary Claire and I returned home in late October after six weeks in New York and London. We made a slight detour on the way and had a wonderful day in Toronto with Ann and Earl Bederman, the founder of Investor Economics.


JPMorgan Chase & Fairness

It has been a difficult year for Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. On top of the loss of over $6 billion generated by the "London Whale," Dimon and the bank appear to have become the favorite target of regulators.


Fall 2013: Baseball, Football and a Sneak Peek at Simfund Global Pro

As it always does, summer disappeared into our rearview mirror all too soon. Fall, though, brings the final month of pennant races for Major League Baseball and the start of the National Football League season. This year it also brings a major announcement for Asset International’s Strategic Insight division that will take place in October.


Too Big to Fail & the Resurgence of British Sportsmen

This is proving to be an exciting summer in many regards, in the midst of new heat records in the Northeast. We are back in New York and have suffered along with the rest of New York City through an oppressive week of heat and humidity. In spite of the heat and the building excitement for the new college and professional football season, this summer is proving to be exciting and, at certain points, complex as well.


Last Week's G8 Meeting in Northern Ireland

Before the G8 attendees focused on finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict and doing it in a way that did not isolate Vladimir Putin, who continues to support Bashar al-Assad, there was an initial focus on the global economy.

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