About Adam Smith's Money World

Combining the intellectual capital of famed financial author ‘Adam Smith’ and well-known technology columnist Robert X. Cringely, Asset International is announcing Adam Smith’s Money World. Through their unparalleled access to market players, their understanding of how financial markets and technology intertwine, and their unique writing styles, Smith and Cringely will give hedge fund managers and other movers of capital a leg up in the intensely competitive world of international finance.

AI’s Adam Smith, also known as George J.W. Goodman—is your basic Harvard magna, Rhodes Scholar, member of the US Army First Special Forces Group, novelist, screenwriter, reporter, editor, stock analyst, portfolio manager, author of three New York Times best-sellers (The Money Game, SuperMoney, Paper Money), co-founder of two magazines (Institutional Investor and New York), winner of multiple Emmy and many other awards with his long-running PBS TV series (also called Adam Smith’s Money World), former board member of four NYSE companies and the New York Times Editorial Board, head of his own lecture series at Princeton University, denizen of a New York hedge fund, and the man who introduced Warren Buffett to the world. 

Robert X. Cringely is Adam Smith’s sidekick.  The 12th employee of Apple Computer, Cringely has been making or writing about high-tech history since 1977.  He was field editor at InfoWorld, a computer industry trade paper, from 1987-95.  His best-selling book Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition and Still Can’t Get a Date was published in 18 languages.  His PBS documentaries, including Triumph of the Nerds and Nerds 2.01: A Brief History of the Internet, have been shown in more than 60 countries. A blogger since 1997, he has 300,000 weekly Internet readers and more than a million words in print. A former columnist for Worth and Inc magazines, Cringely has written for Forbes, NewsWeek, MIT Technology Review, the New York Times and many other publications.  The companies he has helped to start have a market cap in excess of $500 billion.