Asset International Products

Strategic Insight

Strategic Insight, an Asset International company, shares research and technologies throughout the world with investment management companies overseeing well over $15 trillion, including 90% of the U.S. mutual fund industry nearly $12 trillion of assets; 16 of the top 20 U.S. insurance companies serving the retirement income industry; distributors, capital market, consulting, law, audit, back-office, and hedge fund firms; U.S. governmental agencies, and the Investment Company Institute. Globally, Strategic Insight research and consulting services are provided to over 60 of the most dynamic investment managers and distributors benefiting from expanding demand for wealth management in Asia, Europe, and Australia.


Simfund Mutual Fund Database, a Strategic Insight product, is a current and comprehensive historical database of over 32,000 U.S.-based open and closed mutual funds, fund-of-funds and ETF’s. Simfund®, contains thousands of data fields and fund details, including assets, cash flows, volatility, portfolio statistics, sales loads, detailed expenses, advisory fee breakpoints, service providers and now official performance data, portfolio characteristics. Simfund MF

Simfund Variable Annuity Database, a Strategic Insight product, is a leading variable annuity database application. The database contains key information to help you monitor and analyze the variable annuity marketplace and competitive landscape. Its powerful querying engine and highly customizable templates put sophisticated business intelligence into the hands of those who need it most. Simfund VA

Simfund Global Database, a Strategic Insight product, is a database and analysis platform with flows, assets, performance, portfolio characteristics, and other information on funds across the major markets of the world, integrating a vast range of data from Lipper, Morningstar, and Strategic Insight’s proprietary research. Simfund Global

Financial Webworks (FWW)

Financial Webworks (FWW) provides fund data, regulatory documentation and marketing materials to fund distributors in Germany. FWW’s market-leading suite of services to distributors such as banks and financial advisors includes Fund Data, FundListing, FundStars, Trends in Asset Management (TiAM), fondsweb, FoF Analyzer, HeatMaps and Fundscreen. These tools enable advisors and investors to make sound investment decisions by providing them with transparent, up-to-date and correct fund information. FWW


LiquidMetrix provides financial market data research and trade execution quality analysis to banks, brokers, asset managers and trading venues. LiquidMetrix’s suite of services offers trading firms an independent assessment of trade execution quality, transaction cost analysis and pre-trade cost prediction across fragmented global securities markets. The product suite includes a surveillance service to detect market abuse and a counterparty profitability measure to identify toxic flow on the other side of a trade. LiquidMetrix

Global Custodian

Reaching 100% of the leading banks in global custody including securities operations at banks, broker-dealers and fund managers, Global Custodian, an Asset International brand, is defined by high-quality editorial and a series of annual surveys that have become benchmarks for the industry. It also provides analysis and commentary on the latest news and events taking place in the international securities industry.


PLANSPONSOR, an Asset International brand, is the most respected provider of information and research to America’s retirement plan sponsors and the industry that serves this large constituency and has recently launched a European publication to extend its reach internationally. PLANSPONSOR reaches 100% of the top 1,000 investment pension plans in America with assets of $7 trillion, as well as all key decision-makers in the DC and DB market.


Through its magazine, Web site, and e-mail newsletter, PLANADVISER, an Asset International brand, provides comprehensive industry news, regulatory and investment information, research and training to financial advisers who specialize in the sales, design and administration of institutional qualified and nonqualified retirement plans and executive compensation plans, including 401(k), defined benefit and deferred compensation plans.


The Trade, an Asset International brand, based in London, is the undisputed market leader covering global electronic securities trading through the international and Asian editions of its magazine, online daily news service, conference newspapers and specialist handbooks. It is the only publication dedicated to covering the broad spectrum of activities that buy-side firms undertake to implement their investment decisions end-to-end in order to reduce market impact costs and maximize portfolio returns. The TRADE Magazine


ai5000, an Asset International brand, delivers high quality editorial content to the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors, specifically, the investment and finance professionals at the 5,000 largest pools of capital around the globe, including the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, global corporate and public pension funds, insurance general accounts, foundations and endowments, and central

Asset International offers a broad range of content, information, research and networking products to ensure its' core audience of financial professionals are armed with the knowledge they need to be successful. From industry-leading print and online brands - PLANSPONSOR, PLANADVISER, Global Custodian and the new digital edition ai5000™ - to custom research reports, sponsor-generated webinars or thought-provoking industry conferences, Asset International is committed to be the most essential source of information for its audience.